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 Artini Holdings Limited (“Artini Holdings”, stock code: 789), has accumulated over 20 years of experiences in fashion accessories industry. The Group currently engaged in integrated fashion accessories platform business and sell a wide selection of fashion accessories products through the Group’s self-operated online platform – Magic B2B and other online and offline channels. Magic B2B being a subsidiary of Artini Holdings, is a highly vertical global B2B e-commerce platform which focuses on fashion accessories industry. Magic B2B devotes to provide one-stop B2B online purchase experiences of fashion accessories to retailers around the world through the direct online wholesale model of brand manufacturers. Furthermore, our brand “Artini”, which focuses on the affordable luxury market, are distributed through different retail and distribution channels to the mid-upper class retail customers in the PRC and Hong Kong.
Year   Particulars  
Acquired Magic B2B Online Platform
2010   Obtained a Global License of Pele
Obtained a Global License of FIGC
2009   Obtained a License of Barbie
Obtained a License of Disney Couture
2008   Obtained an exclusive distribution right of NBA timepiece products in the PRC
Successfully listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong on 16 May 2008
Becomes the Licensed Enterprise of 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games
As at 30 September 2008, retail network exceeded 180 retail points
2006   Launched the Q'ggle brand and opened the first concession in the PRC
Established a WFOE to engage in retail business in the PRC
2005   Emporio Armani became the Group’s CDM client
2004   Manufacturing base of 40,000 sq.m. in Guangdong province commenced commercial production
2003   Launched the ARTINI brand fashion accessories and opened the first ARTINI store in Hong Kong
2002-2003   Commenced manufacture of fashion accessories for well-known brands, including Givenchy, Nine West, Napier, Ann Klein, Playboy, Roca Wear, Disney, etc
Started to engage in the production of silverware fashion accessories
1999   Provided products to Marks & Spencer on CDM basis
1992   Engaged in the fashion accessories trading business, offering products to importers in Europe

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