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We distribute products under the Artini brands through an extensive retail network that covers major first-tier cities in the PRC and Hong Hong.
Through our retail network in the PRC and Hong Kong, we offer a wide range of fashion accessories products with “Artini” brand. Artini is an affordable luxury and fashionable jewellery brand dedicated to creating a unique “lifestyle” for Chinese women. Artini keeps up with the global fashion trend, innovates cross-border jewellery and ornaments, and uses colorful natural gemstone as a source of inspiration to establish a unique European design style. With the conviction of perfection, fashion accessories products are endued with an unusually elegant and stylish attitude that inspires and highlights the inner fashion consciousness of Chinese women.
The products range of "Artini" brand include: necklaces, bracelets, earrings and brooches. Every piece of Artini's masterpiece contains praises of the good times of life, inspired by a global vision, showing the inner elegance of women, and shining at every moment of the journey of life.

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